ThreeSixty is a web application platform to streamline the 360 review process for managers and employees by integrating the employee recognition and evaluation into a single view. Through continuous recognition and evaluation the employee is engaged in the process of maintaining and striving to achieve personal as well as corporate objectives. [via].

ThreeSixty currently provides the assessment module whereby the employee and manager are able to review the progress made by the employee against the outlined goals which goes through a 3 step process of

  • The employee assessing his / her performance with comments

  • The manager assessing the performance of the employee together with feedback

  • The manager and employee review the assessment together for the final assessment score

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06 Nov 2016 . tech . Organization! Comments

ThreeSixty Supports editing the organization hierarchy

Now you can edit the organization hierarchy within ThreeSixty Performance Review and relate the users to this hierarchy. This feature will be expanded in later releases to provide reporting that rolls up from the lowest level of the hierarchy all the way to the top giving company executive the 360 degree view that they require.

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